Summer School 2022 List of Participants

Kenton Card
Department of Urban Planning, University of California, Los Angeles     
How Political Groups Influence Social Housing Policy Across Varieties Of Capitalism: Comparing Tenant Movement And Landlord Association Strategies, Lobbying, And Money In Los Angeles And Berlin

Ulrike Damerau
Urban Studies, VUB and ULB Belgium
Decommodifying the housing stock: Looking at current practice and consolidation potential of preventive purchases in Germany.

Colin Delargy
School of City and Regional Planning, Georgia Institute of Technology
Housing Policies in Atlanta

Luisa Escobar
Stadtplanung, HafenCity Universität
Saving and credit cooperatives co-producing and co-financing housing for low-income families. Role, strategies, tensions and ambivalences.

Anny Falcão Schwendler 
Department of Law, University of São Paulo, Brazil
The correlate with aspects of tax policy of retrofit legislation in the revitalization of an urban area: a case study of São Paulo in Brazil

Zahra Gharibreza
Planning and City Development administration, Tehran Municipality
Mehr Housing Project in Iran: Initiatives, Results and Lessons Learned

Eduardo González de Molina
Center of Urban Science and Progress, New York University
Scaling collaborative housing policies. Barcelona’s pathway to a Community Land Trust.

Tomáš Hoření Samec
Institute of Sociology, Czech Academy of Sciences
Introducing collaborative housing in Czechia: social innovation and social housing?

Junia Howell
Department of Sociology, University of Illinois Chicago
Reimagining Equity: Resource Based Home Values

Markéta Kaňová
Faculty of Architecture, Czech Technical University in Prague
Introducing collaborative housing in Czechia: social innovation and social housing?

Sarah Kumnig
Institute for Sociology and Social Research, WU Vienna, Department of Sociology, University of Vienna
Viennese Social Housing Provision in Times of Housing Crisis: between Commodification and Social Rights

Jan Malý Blažek
Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University Brno
Introducing collaborative housing in Czechia: social innovation and social housing?

Réka Mándoki
Engineering Department, University of Cambridge
Economic considerations for mass manufacturing social housing in the Hungarian context

Andreas Scheba
Centre for Development Support, University of the Free State, South Africa
Social housing in South Africa: In search of new economic models

Vita Shnaider
Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology, Central European University in Vienna
Challenges to the Structure and Functioning of Social Housing in Ukraine (prior to and during the Russian-Ukrainian war of 2022)

Anja Speyer
Institute of Social Work and Social Spaces, Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences
“Living in the shell”, “hall living” and “self-build loft” – new housing concepts between community and self-build

Elina Sutela
Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Turku
The role of municipalities in promoting housing affordability: An analysis of local governance in three Finnish cities

Constanze Wolfgring
Department of Architecture and Urban Studies, Politecnico di Milano
Regenerating Public Housing – Regenerating Cities. Trieste, Bologna, Firenze, Bari, Cagliari