Summer School
List of Participants

Azmah Arzmi
Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
A Comparison of Institutions that shaped Urban Planning in the Central-planned Economies of the GDR and CSSR from 1970s to 1980s

Davit Asanidze
Tbilisi Municipality
Paradigms of Social Housing in Post-Soviet Countries – Case of Georgia

Emanuele Belotti
Gran Sasso Science Institute (L’Aquila)
Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies (Pisa)
Informality as a Structural Outcome. The Case of Squatted Public Housing in Milan

Burak Bican
Aalborg University Copenhagen
Evaluation of Regenerative Schemes in Copenhagen Post-war Housing for Sustainability

Sofia Borushkina
free researcher
Demolition vs. renovation: a case study of social housing modernization in Moscow

Otakar Bursa
Charles University Prague
Residential satisfaction in tenement houses in Prague’s hinterland – the role of civic amenities and services

Oksana Chabanyuk
Kharkiv National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture
Large post-socialist housing estates in Ukraine: challenges and perspectives of urban regeneration

Yi-Ling Chen
University of Wyoming
State, Housing Market and Society: Social Housing Policies in South Korea and Taiwan

Liubov Chernysheva
University of Amsterdam
European University St. Petersburg
Urban Commons in the making: Digital infrastructure, sharing and politics of commoning in a Post-Socialist City

Jakub Galuszka
Habitat Unit TU Berlin
Beyond the decay? The case of ‘successful’ large housing estates in Lódz, Poland

Marie Horňáková
Charles University Prague
Selection of a new home of inhabitants in the Prague Metropolitan Region

Marco Jacomella
Politecnico di Milano
Common housing: towards new scenarios for the italian housing cooperatives

Daniele Karasz
University of Vienna
Temporalities of subsidized housing in Vienna. A long term project on the living together in the neighborhood Monte Laa

Jana Kočková
Masaryk University Brno
The transformation of the post-socialist large housing estates: a comparative study

Alenka Korenjak
Beyond ownership – renewal of public spaces in residential neighbourhoods of postsocialist cities

Liubov Krutenko
free researcher
Renovation of ‘krushevkas’ in Moscow – conflicts and contradictions

Benjamin Leclercq
Laboratoire Architecture Ville Urbanisme, Environnement (LAVUE)
Paris 8
Management of Large Scale social Housing: the impossibility of intermediation between owners and tenants?

Jeanne Mosseray
Cosmopolis Centre for Urban Research (Brussels)
Live to understand: reflection on an ethnography of a high rise social housing estate in Brussels

Angela Santangelo
University of Bologna
Framing energy consumer behaviour in urban planning. Reflecting on the role of policy instruments and actors’ responsibilities, towards sustainable communities

Julia Siedle
Bergische Universität Wuppertal
Densifying the use of existing buildings. Space sufficiency strategies for cities with the objective to reduce construction and space consumption in Germany

Narciss Sohrabi
Université Paris Ouest Nanterre-La Défense
The Impact of Contemporary Iranian Society Challenges in Public Spaces of Large Scale Settlements (Case study: Tehran)

Niloufar Tajeri
Technische Universität Braunschweig
Wohnen am Kleistpark / im Sozialpalast / im Pallasseum. Zusammenwirken von architektonischer Form und wechselnden, wohnpolitischen Bedingungen und deren Einfluss auf Wohnen, Wahrnehmung und Weiterentwicklung der Wohnanlage

Anna Tofiluk
Warsawa University of Technology
Revitalization potential of large XX century housing estates in terms of architectural and urban transformations

Yuka Uomi
Tokyo University
The Revitalization of the Public Housing Estate

Brigitte Zamzow
Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
Infill strategies as a solution to maintaining social mass housing stock while regenerating the neighborhood in mega cities – a Global North-South comparison