ResearchLab 2020
Provisional Programme


local and bottom up perspectives

Monday, Sept 7


Blue and Green Infrastructure in Social Housing –
access, distribution and impact

(online Seminar)

This session will focus on the use of water and plants to achieve adequate living conditions despite heat and extreme weather conditions. A guiding question will concern the role of local communities in access and management of resources and systems. Keynote presentations will map the field and case studies from Europe and Asia will be presented and discussed.


Bottom-Up strategies to climate adaptation and mitigation – empowerment, citizenship and autonomy
(online seminar)

This panel will concentrate on bottom-up planning processes and self-organisation in climate adaptation and mitigation strategies. How are inhabitants involved, resources shared and conflicts resolved (eg around costs of renovation)? Keynote presentations will map the field and case studies from South America and Europe will be presented and discussed.

Tuesday, Sept 8

10 – 12h

Mitigation by Design – Architectural solutions to achieve liveable microclimate
(online seminar)

In this panel, we look at mitigating designs (exterior and interior) in housing and public space. How can sites (buildings and places) be designed in a way that promotes climate-friendly modes of living? Keynote presentations will map the field and a range of case studies from various European cities will be discussed.

14 – 17h

Participative Approaches to climate adaptation in social housing
(various locations, on site)

A range of projects in Vienna will be visited (tour guide: Erik Meinharter, PlanSinn)

19 – 21h

Between Social and Ecological Sustainability

Evening panel to discuss first findings of the IBA ResearchLab and their applicability in Vienna.

The panel discussion is part of the interim presentation of the International Building Exhibition IBA Vienna 2022

WEST, ehem. Sophienspital, 1070, Stollgasse 17